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Utilities and County Government Collaborate to Establish Industrial Marine Park

March 23, 2010

Conway, SC, March 23, 2010 – Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority, Santee Cooper, Horry County and the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation are working together to establish an industrial marine park near the existing Bucksport Marina outside of Conway.

“Santee Cooper is pleased to join forces with our local partners and build a marine park that will create opportunities for jobs and capital investment by the businesses that will ultimately locate here. That’s a benefit for all of Horry County,” said Michael Brown, economic development manager for Santee Cooper.

Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority’s contribution to the industrial marine park is the land. Santee Cooper will provide the engineering and permitting expertise for the park, while Horry County will do its part to help with the infrastructure necessary to make the park viable for industry.

Fred Richardson, Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority chief executive officer noted, “This is a work in progress and will take some time before the park is tenant-ready. In the meantime, we’ll improve the existing facilities at Bucksport Marina which will remain a fully-functioning marina for residents and transient boaters to enjoy even after the marine park is operational.”

“Like most industries, the marine industry has taken a hit as the US economy struggles,” remarked Jimmy Yahnis, chairman of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation. “The business climate will improve, and as it does, Horry County will be in an exceptional position to attract industry. We’re optimistic that by the time the park is ready for tenants, we’ll be able to attract boat builders, marine repair businesses, boat refurbishment companies and other marine service organizations to the Bucksport Marine Park.

Jim Papadea, property manager for Horry County said, “The waterway is a tremendous asset, and this unique tract of land adjacent to it provides unlimited possibilities for industry. Manufacturers of heavy-lift components for wind or steam turbines, modular hospital units and the like, which are too large to transport by truck or rail, will find this location desirable. Bringing this type of industry to Horry County will provide good paying jobs and diversify our economy.”

District 7 Horry County Councilman James Frazier represents the Bucksport area. “I’m so proud to see all these organizations working together as a team to bring industry and jobs here. This revitalization brings great opportunity not only to Bucksport, but to all of Horry County,” said Frazier.

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