Land Application

Reducing The Costs Of Treatment And Disposal

Land application of treated wastewater effluent, filtered solids from water treatment and bio-solids from the wastewater treatment processes are a major component of GSWSA’s disposal strategy.  As regulations and criteria for discharges directly into rivers become more stringent, alternative disposal strategies are critical to finding cost effective and environmentally compatible disposal methods.  GSWSA has developed effluent and sludge management plans for over 9,000 acres of land throughout Horry County.  In addition to the following areas listed below, GSWSA has agreements with privately owned farms for land application of treated bio-solids.  The nutrients available in these products enhance the production of sod and forest products.  Sales of these products significantly reduce the cost of treatment and disposal.

Land Application Areas
Location Size / Application
Socastee Sod Farm
415 acres, effluent and bio-solids
Bucksport Sod Farm
490 acres, water treatment solids
Tip Top Tree Farm
4,464 acres, effluent and bio-solids
Yauhannah Tree Farm
3,226 acres, bio-solids
Carolina Bays
700 acres, effluent
Green Sea Floyds
66 acres, effluent