Applying for Service at a New Commercial Location

To apply for water and/or sewer service for a new commercial location, you must first file a Letter of Intent with the New Services Department. The Letter of Intent describes the project to be served and is forwarded to the New Services Department for review. Once the Letter of Intent form has been reviewed, connection fees will then be established.

The following information is needed to complete a Letter of Intent:

  • Proposed name
  • Location of property
  • Tax Map Number (TMS #)/PIN #
  • Federal ID #
  • Developer’s name and mailing address
  • Engineer’s name and mailing address
  • Contact person’s name and mailing address
  • Nature of business
  • Day-time and night-time telephone number
  • Date in which service is needed

Click on the following link to file a Letter Of Intent.

Once fees are determined, you may apply for service at our Conway Administrative Building located at 166 Jackson Bluff Road or Marion Office at 510 Supply Road. All fees must be paid at the time the service application is taken.

For further information regarding this process, please contact our Customer Service Department at (843) 443-8202 or (843) 765-4539.