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Water is off in Cypress Creek for an emergency repair 1hr 57min ago @ 10:38am
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Bill Payment Options

When it comes time to pay your monthly water and/or wastewater bill, GSWSA is prepared to accept it in a number of ways for your convenience. Aside from the traditional standard mail or making your payment in person, you’ll want to consider automatic bill payment by draft, pay directly online at or pay over the phone at 843-443-8334.  You’ll save money and time, plus you’ll have an extra stamp for your collection.


It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure GSWSA receives payments by the bill’s due date.  Choosing to not pay GSWSA directly or at one of our approved bank locations or drop boxes, the customer accepts the potential for late fees and/or disconnection of services if payment is not received by the due date.  

If you pay your bill through a personal banking service, there may be a delay in which GSWSA receives payment.

External bill payment websites (other than are NOT associated with GSWSA.

To avoid any delays or unnecessary fees, please pay directly with GSWSA.