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City of Mullins' Residents in Favor of GSWSA Operating Their Water & Sewer System

August 14, 2012

In a vote on Tuesday, July 24, citizens in the City of Mullins gave their support for Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority to begin operating the City’s water and sewer system.

Passage of the referendum ensures the City of Mullins will no longer be encumbered with $2.4 million of debt for the existing system. According to the agreement, GSWSA will pay approximately $3.9 million for the Mullins’ water and sewer system and franchise of which $2.4 million will pay off the existing debt and $1.5 million will be paid directly to the City. Additionally, the City of Mullins will receive a projected annual franchise fee of at least $105,000.

Currently, a water and sewer bill for a customer in the City with an average consumption of 6,000 gallons per month is approximately $50.71. Under the GSWSA rate structure, the same bill will be approximately $36.70, with an approximate savings of $14.01 per month.

GSWSA has the best rates of any utility operating in coastal South Carolina and has committed they will not increase rates any more than its retail customer rates in Horry County.
The citizens of Mullins will receive high quality water and sewer services at substantially lower rates and the employees of Mullins Water and Sewer will not lose seniority or benefits. The citizens of Horry County will have more protection and control over its watershed and both counties will benefit from increased opportunities for economic development.

Residents will not experience any interruptions in service during the transition, which is expected to begin next month. GSWSA encourages anyone having questions to call 843-443-8221.


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