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Attention South Strand Customers

August 14, 2018

Attention South Strand Customers,

Due to the increase of customer phone calls and inquiries, we have completed the analysis of our Cycle 01 – South Strand customers for the August 1, 2018 invoice date. This billing date includes flows associated with the approximate period of June 15th through July 16th.  For an accurate comparison, we analyzed data from 2017 in comparison to the same time period and billing of 2018.

Only customer accounts with a minimum of 2,000 gallons usage in 2017 and 2018 were analyzed. Usage less than 2,000 gallons would indicate less than a full month’s usage. The average total bill values do not include miscellaneous charges, since those charges are not associated with water and/or sewer usage. 

The following is a breakdown of the analysis of 10,530 accounts. Our billing rates have not changed since July 1, 2017.  The analysis shows the total water and/or sewer bill increased approximately $6.38 in comparison to last year; however, the average flow increased by 1,309 gallons in comparison to last year which would result in a higher bill.  In addition to the higher flows, this year’s billing cycle included two additional days that would impact the flows as well. 

    Water Charge Sewer Charge Total Bill Flow - Gallons Used Days in Cycle
2017 Averages   $13.26 $19.14 $53.35 8,263 31
2018 Averages   $15.83 $22.95 $59.73 9,572 33
% Difference   19.36% 19.90% 11.97% 15.85% 5.31%
Number of Accounts Decreased     3,896 37.00%
Number of Accounts Increased 0 - 10%    2,089 19.84%
Number of Accounts Increased 10.01 - 20%    1,294 12.29%
Number of Accounts Increased 20.01 - 30%    858 8.15%
Number of Accounts Increased 30.01 - 40%    534 5.07%
Number of Accounts Increased 40.01 - 50%    400 3.80%
Number of Accounts Increased Greater than 50% 1,459 13.86%

If you have any questions regarding your individual account, I encourage you to contact our Customer Service Department at 843-443-8202 or complete a Care Ticket online.  Please ensure to include your customer account number and contact information.  We will do our best to respond within the same business day.

Chrystal J. Skipper

Chief of Administration


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